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The South Carolina Automotive Council (SCAC) is a division of the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance (SCMA). As the leading organization dedicated to enhancing the state’s automotive manufacturing sector’s position, the SCMA and SCAC foster collaboration, promote innovation, and maintain a business environment conducive to growth and success in a global marketplace.

Auto Industry Growth

$27.1 billion Annual Economic Impact

#3 in Automotive Manufacturing Strength

$12.1 billion in Capital Investments announced since 2011

46,000 South Carolinians employed by the automotive industry

300+ Automotive Manufacturing Companies

Economic Impact on SC

2015 Auto Summit

The 4th Annual S.C. Automotive Summit presented by KPMG was the source of BIG news for the automotive industry! This year’s Summit featured national and global thought leaders from nearly every key automotive sector, including manufacturing, design, engineering, R&D, education, government, and journalism. With a focus on innovation, supplier development and workforce development, the SC Automotive Summit made international NEWS 2015!

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